Miriam Gitlin

Drawing on many years’ experience, I am particularly adept at working towards a pragmatic resolution of a dispute in the most cost-efficient and effective manner.

That involves a high level of legal and technical know-how, paired with expert negotiating skills.

My wide-ranging litigation experience includes company matters, trust funds, and property rights. I now specialise in civil disputes and commercial litigation and have acted on numerous substantial cases. They include fraud claims, breach of fiduciary duty and minority shareholder rights, as well as professional negligence, contentious probate, and breach of contract. These types of cases often involve complex multi-jurisdictional and multi-party claims with an international element.

Career history

I qualified as a barrister in 1987 having won the Ede and Ravenscroft Wig and Gown award for advocacy. After completing my pupilage, I practiced at a leading set of London Chambers.

Wanting to explore new challenges and gain international experience, I re-qualified and moved to Israel where I was admitted to the Israeli bar. During my five years there I worked as a government lawyer in the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of the Environment. My responsibilities included drafting primary and secondary legislation, and dealing with regulatory matters.

Self-development and learning has always been important to me and my thirst for knowledge led to a Masters in International Legal Studies at the American University in Washington DC.

After returning to the UK, in 2005 I decided I wanted to work more closely with clients and to handle cases from beginning to end. So, I became a solicitor and joined the London firm of OGR Stock Denton where I formed a highly successful ten-year professional relationship with Ian S Baker.

Ian and I share a common approach, and so we decided to work together, first of all, in a consultancy team, then we set up PGB Gitlin Baker.

The firm was founded on our shared principles to offer dedicated strategies and techniques that we have developed and successfully used in business disputes over the years we have worked together.

“Miriam Gitlin is an impressive, highly intelligent lawyer with extensive litigation experience. She has excellent people skills, and possesses good tactical acumen. Miriam is also an astute and effective negotiator.”

Anthony Metzer QC, Head of Goldsmith Chambers

"I worked extensively with Miriam Gitlin on a complex, multi-jurisdictional commercial case and found her at all times to be extremely perceptive and technically excellent, exercising great attention to detail and exhibiting first rate strategic decision-making". 

Peter Gregory, Shareholder, HKJP, Denver, CO

Email: mgitlin@pgbsolicitors.com

Ian Baker

My areas of expertise are Partnership disputes often in professional and financial service.

In addition I have a great deal of experience in achieving successful resolutions in minority shareholder actions, unfair prejudice claims and derivative shareholder suits, as well as a broad range of commercial and contractual disputes.

I regularly advise clients in multi-party and multi-jurisdictional high-value, high profile, complex civil and commercial litigation. I’ve represented many clients in contractual claims disputes, breach of trust, undue influence, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and professional negligence. And I’ve handled a variety of claims against insurance companies and banks.

When necessary I’ve taken several significant cases to trial, with extremely successful outcomes. I also have appellate experience through representing clients in The Court of Appeal.

I am listed at The American Embassy as an American qualified attorney, based in the UK, who can represent American individuals and companies in this country.

Career history

After graduating from The School of Law at The University of East Anglia in 1982, I was admitted as a solicitor.

Fascinated by American law and culture, I moved to California where I qualified as an Attorney at Law in 1987. I practiced in the litigation department of a major firm in Los Angeles for three years. As a result I have built strong connections with leading lawyers in various states including New York, Florida and Colorado, as well as California.

After returning to the UK I formed a partnership in a West End firm, practicing in the litigation department for nine years. In 2004 I joined OGR Stock Denton as a consultant.

I’ve worked extensively and successfully with Miriam Gitlin for several years, and we share a common ethos. That prompted us to form a new law firm dedicated to a specialist, different, and better way of legal practice in the business dispute field.

Over the years I have appeared on BBC TV, Sky TV, Channel 4 and other media outlets as a specialist commentator on US legal affairs.

“I have always found Ian’s services to be of the highest calibre, and I value his astute advice, efficiency, and practical problem solving approach.”

Jeremy Coller, CEO Coller Capital

"I have referred several clients to Ian over the years. They have all been impressed by his acumen, service and ability, and especially his on the ground experience in court. I would not hesitate to recommend Ian's services in contentious business matters, and in the dispute resolution field".

Matthew Hudson, Senior Partner, MJ Hudson LLP

“Over the years, Ian has instructed me on several substantial matters including complex and multi-million dollar commercial litigation with an international element. I have always found his services to be of the highest quality. His attention to detail, knowledge and the energy he brought to those cases, was first rate. It is always a pleasure to work with him. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Peter Irvin, Barrister Brick Court Chambers

Email: ibaker@pgbsolicitors.com